Stop fishing for a technical cofounder

Securely post your startup idea and have developers bid equity to build it


The hunt for your tech cofounder is over

Finding a tech co-founder to build your startup can be hard. It's not fun trolling your network asking who will build your app for equity. Launchbids gives you the power to find the best developers who WANT to build your startup for equity. Just post your idea and watch as amazing developers from around the world bid for the opportunity to work on your startup.



Start by securely posting your idea...

Fill out our simple Project Brief with all your startup details including what stage it's in, what you want to get built, funding you've raised if any, pitch decks, and more. Think of it like a Kickstarter page for your startup.

Don't worry! You can optionally have techies sign your NDA before viewing the full details.


... developers bid equity to build it for you...

The Launchbids network of talent are hungry to be cofounders for emerging startups. They'll be able to bid to work on your startup by asking for equity. 

Every developer on our platform is fully vetted and verified by both skills and identity prior to being allowed to submit a bid.


...choose your finalists based on their offer...

Once the bids roll in you can choose finalists based on their bid, profile, and prior experience. In the Finalist round you can chat with each finalist to see if you'd be a great fit to work together to build your startup.


...then choose a winner & get your startup built!

After chatting with your Finalists you award a winner and Launchbids automagically draws up the legal documents using our in-house legal team to ensure a successful and regret-free partnership! You can also upload your own agreement if you have one.


Your Idea is Safe

You have the option to upload your own NDA and have developers sign before viewing project details